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Meet Your Short Term Cross Browser Testing Needs

Short term projects can be painful when you have to perform cross browser testing and you have to struggle between free plans, monthly and annual subscription. Free plans sometimes fail to fulfil high use for short term projects and subscriptions add up to high opex.

To help you in this dilemma LambdaTest has come up with on demand Days Pass. With these days passes, you can now fulfil all your short term project needs.

What all LambdaTest’s Days Pass has to Offer?

With our on-demand days pass, you can get a full unlimited access to our entire cross browser testing platform for complete 10 days along with your added team members.

You can opt for days pass by visiting our pricing page and selecting days pass while making payment.

When can you buy a day pass?

  • When you are on a free plan

  • When you are on a trial

When can not you buy a day pass?

  • When you are on a paid plan

  • When a day pass is already active

Please note:

  • Day pass is not renewable and non-transferable. Once expired, you’ll have to buy a new day pass manually

  • Once your day pass expires, you’ll be moved to a free plan automatically.

  • You can also buy a paid subscription, if you are on a day pass. Once you move to subscription, your day pass will be automatically deactivated and you’ll be switched to a paid plan.

  • If your day pass is expired, you can also opt for any paid plan.

  • You’ll get 1 concurrent session and invite upto 5 of your team members.

And you’ll get all of this at just $15!

So, if you’re a freelancer working on a client’s project or a big organization having a short term need for cross browser testing you can go and opt for it now!

Let us know if you have any questions about our day pass or any of our pricing plan. Just chat with us using our in app chat or drop us an email at We’ll get back to you right away!

Looking forward to see you on our platform fulfilling your cross browser testing requirements.

Happy Testing!

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