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10 Best Software Testing Certifications To Take In 2021

Software testing is fueling the IT sector forward by scaling up the test process and continuous product delivery. Currently, this profession is in huge demand, as it needs certified testers with expertise in automation testing. When it comes to outsourcing software testing jobs, whether it’s an IT company or an individual customer, they all look for accredited professionals. That’s why having an software testing certification has become the need of the hour for the folks interested in the test automation field. A well-known certificate issued by an authorized institute kind vouches that the certificate holder is skilled in a specific technology.

Building on that, in this post, we will discuss the ten best software testing certifications that are popular among testing professionals. If your goal is to take your software testing career to the next level, you can consider getting certified in a few from the below software testing certifications list.

So, let’s get started.

1. CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have some experience in the testing domain. A must-have certificate for every testing professional is CAST or Certified Associate in Software Testing offered by QAI Global Institute. CAST is one of the best software testing certifications for newbies who want to make their way into the software testing industry with automation knowledge. Let’s find out how you should get one.


To apply for the certification, you need to fulfill any of the following criteria.

  • A bachelor’s degree of 3 or 4 years from an authorized institute.

  • A 2 years bachelor’s degree with 1 year of IT experience.

  • 3 years of working experience in the IT industry.

Getting Ready for the Program

  • First of all, you need to register at their customer portal.

  • For applying for the exam, you need to pay a fee of $100.

About the Program

After paying the fees, you will get a 367-page book of “Software Testing Body of Knowledge for CAST.” This book is sufficient enough to get yourself ready for the exam. For clearing the exam, you have to score 70% out of 100 MCQ within 75 minutes.

2. Automation Test Engineer

Simplilearn automation testing certifications bring you a master program for test automation that will give you a complete understanding of frameworks like Maven, TestNG, Selenium Grid and Webdriver, Docker, and Appium. In this certification program, you will learn Core Java along with J2EE. Not only that, but you will also learn to automate web apps and use containers on a docker platform. In short, finishing the course will make you an expert in test automation.


The course is perfect for any graduate who wants to get hands-on knowledge and experience in automation testing. Although the pricing is slightly higher, $620 is quite decent with the course’s amount of training and live project experience.

About the Exam

In the program, you will learn.

  • Fundamentals of Agile

  • Basics of Java and JDBC

  • API testing using Postman

  • Using TestNG to build a test-driven framework.

  • An automation test engineer project will give you the hands-on experience of developing an app from scratch, deploying it in a dummy production environment, and executing testing.

  • If you are from India, Simplilearn will provide a job assistance program that will help you resume creation and prepare for interviews.

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3. ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer

Did you already reach an advanced level in your testing career? Are you a test lead or a test automation architect? The ISTQB Advanced certificate, priced approximately at $240, is something to show off in your resume. It is one of the globally known automation testing certifications. The modules covered in the certificate will help you to develop your expertise by covering a wide range of topics.


There are two criteria that you must fulfill for appearing in the exam.

  • Candidates must hold the ISTQB Foundation level certificate.

  • Candidates must have sufficient knowledge and experience in the automation testing domain.

Getting Ready for the Exam

For getting trained, ISTQB has shared the links of many downloadable materials at their official site. You can also find a training provider and get yourself trained to ace the exam.
For appearing in the exam, you can find an exam provider at a place near you.

About the Exam

While appearing for the exam, you will face 40 multiple-choice questions. You have to cover them in 90 minutes. However, you will get 25% additional time if the exam is not in your spoken language. For clearing, you have to score at least 65%.

4. LambdaTest Certifications

If you’re just beginning with test automation and want to be successful in the long run, LambdaTest automation testing certifications are the best way to start. LambdaTest certifications will help you evaluate your automation testing skills with its resume-worthy certifications in Selenium 101 and TestNG.

Selenium 101

Having experience in Selenium is a must-have for people who are into web automation testing. And what can be more beneficial for someone’s career than having expertise in Selenium? LambdaTest certifications bring you Selenium 101, a certificate worth having if your goal is to stay ahead among Selenium experts in the industry.


This certificate is for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the field of Selenium automation testing. You need to know the following before attempting the test.

Getting Ready for the Exam

If you are experienced in Selenium, you should have already come across some of the tutorials we will mention. Even if you are a beginner in automation, you can invest some time and get yourself prepared from the following sources:

About the Exam

The best part of this certification is, it is entirely free of cost. There are two rounds which you have to clear.

  • Round 1 has an MCQ test of 40 questions, which you have to complete in 45 minutes.

  • Round 2 is an assignment that you have to submit within 36 hours.

Each round has an equal weightage of 50%, where you have to get a cumulative score of 70% for clearing the exam.


If you are into functional or end-to-end testing, you must be familiar with TestNG. It is a popular framework for testers who perform functional testing of codes written in Java. With LambdaTest certification in TestNG, you can boost your career in automation testing.


Like the Selenium 101 certificate, TestNG certification should also be attempted if you have some automation testing experience. You should know:

  • Performing automation with the help of locators in TestNG.

  • Usage of Assertions and Annotations

  • Execute tests via data provider or with TestNG.xml file.

Along with these, it is also beneficial if you know how to

  • Run tests on Android and iOS mobile browsers.

  • Run parallel cross browser testing with Selenium and TestNG.

Getting Ready for the Exam

TestNG has a huge forum, and you will quickly get a lot of learning materials. Before appearing for the exam, it will be better if you go through the following tutorials.

About the Exam

Just like Selenium 101, this certification is also free of cost.
You will have to appear for two rounds having equal weightage and get a cumulative score of 70%.

  • Round 1 will have 40 MCQ that you need to cover in 45 minutes.

  • Round 2 has a deadline-based assignment, which you need to complete within 36 hours.

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5. Test Automation University

Test automation university is an online global platform, sponsored by Applitools, that provides free test automation courses in a range of programming languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, etc., including web, mobile, API, visual, AI, and codeless automation tools. Test Automation University (TAU) will help you improve your test automation skills and provide you with everything to become a test automation engineer.


  • Enroll yourself on the Test Automation University website.

Getting Started with Test Automation University

  • Learning path will help you find the best courses for you. You can select your preferred framework and programming language from the Learning Path.

  • You can enroll free for the course and get started.

6. Mobile App Testing with Appium

If you are into mobile app testing, 2021 is a great year for you. As per Statista, the market of mobile apps is going to grow by 385% in 2021. It’s high time you get yourself certified in Appium, the leading tool for testing Android apps. Edureka offers you a course and automation testing certifications that will help you gain some clarity on the core domain of automated mobile testing. Besides learning how to automate Android hybrid or native apps with Appium v1.11.1, you will also gain some knowledge on using ADB, TestNG, and UI Automator.


For getting trained in the course, you will need

  • A system with at least an intel i3 processor and 8GB RAM.

  • The latest version of Chrome and Firefox, along with Firebug.

  • 25 GB disc space.

  • The will to learn test automation using Appium.

Also, some prior programming experience with Java and basic clarity of manual testing will help a lot.

About the Course

The course will cost you $259. The curriculum will teach you

  • Basic understanding of Mobile testing

  • Introduce you to Appium and cover all the features of native and hybrid mobile app testing using Appium.

  • Guide you with hands-on experience in automating a native and hybrid Android application on an Android-based smartphone.

Looking to automate mobile apps on real devices, check out our video below –

7. Rest API Automation Testing

To get well versed with Rest API automation testing, Udemy automation testing certifications in Rest API automation testing are there for you. After the course completion, you will be able to implement a well-designed API automation framework by using Rest Assured API. You will also have a detailed knowledge of tools like Postman.


  • Unlike other courses, the best part of this course is that you do not need any prior experience in API testing. Even if you are from a non-programming background, this course will teach you everything as the name suggests — “from scratch.”

  • Apart from online lectures, you will have lifetime support. There is a discussion board where you can post your queries. The instructor will respond in less than a day.

  • The course takes care of all requirements, including Rest API installations, knowledge of Java, and other theoretical documents.

About the Course

With over 155 lectures, the course is attended by more than 60000 students. Udemy honored this course with the best seller tag. At $199. It is the best course to take if you aim to learn an automation testing framework without any prior knowledge.

8. Certified Cloud Tester (Foundation Level)

Many organizations are nowadays moving their infrastructure to the cloud. It is because a cloud setup offers a hassle-free and less costly setup. A company no longer needs to have the headache of maintaining a data center, monitoring services, and all other expensive areas. With cloud computing and cloud testing growing in terms of demand, it is high time for you to acquire a cloud testing certificate. Global Association for Quality Management brings you this ideal course on cloud testing.


The exam has no such prerequisites. This is a mandatory course, which will teach you all the basics and advanced level concepts.

Getting Ready for the Program

You need to complete an e-course to appear for the exam. The standard package of the course will cost $70. The 10 to 15 hours course is valid for 20 days after purchasing the package. The exam voucher will cost $128. However, if you buy the premium package priced at $140, you will get both the e-course and the exam voucher. Not only that, with the premium package, after clearing the exam, you will get an official pin badge along with a hard copy of the certificate shipped to your address.

About the Exam

For clearing the exam, you need to answer 28 out of 40 multiple choice questions in 1 hour. Although the exam is online, it is proctored-based. You need to have a webcam and reliable internet connectivity.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing

AI and ML bring the biggest revolution in the software domain today. With new development methodologies and innovations rocking the AI world daily, companies are always looking for an expert test automation engineer who can test applications developed using AI and ML. Udemy brings you the perfect automation testing certifications to learn how to implement AI in automation testing.


All you need to do is understand the importance of software testing and why manual testing is being slowly replaced by automation. That’s it. The 90 minutes course priced at $17 will teach you all the fundamentals and advanced concepts.

About the Course

  • The course will introduce you to the basics of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and data science. It will also teach you the fundamentals of AI in software testing.

  • You will get hands-on experience in real-world testing using AI. You will learn how to detect facial emoji using AI and have hands-on experience in testing the EYE SPY mobile app using AI.

  • The course is the first-ever in Udemy that discusses the future of automation testing with AI and ML. The instructor will also guide you in using Testim, an AI-based automation tool.

10. UFT v15.x Certification

UFT is a combination of service test and QTP, which is managed and supported by Micro Focus. UFTv15.x automation testing certification is essential to acquire if you work on functional testing. Let’s find out how to get certified in UFT.


There are no specific criteria for appearing in the exam. However, it will help reduce the study time if you have quite a few months of knowledge and experience in UFT or QTP.

Getting Ready for the Exam

  • To begin with, go to the Education Course Catalog.

  • Once you are in, click on the ADD TO CART option.

  • After clicking, you will be asked to create a Micro Focus account.

  • After purchasing the course, you can attempt for the certification.

About the Exam

The exam has 48 multiple choice questions. The exam duration is two hours. Each question has a time duration of two minutes for the student to attempt it; failure to mark an answer within the time limit would pass the student to the next question. The passing marks for the certification is 70%. The certification price is approximately $200.

Wrapping it Up

That’s all from our end. We hope you will find the best software testing certifications suited for your requirement among the ones mentioned in the above list. Go for the one that suits your needs and proceed on the quest of becoming an expert in the domain of test automation.

Refer to the below tutorial on how to perform real-time app testing on LambdaTest.

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