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Solidity Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is an event in Solidity?
An event in Solidity is a way to log and notify external parties about specific occurrences within a smart contract. Events are emitted using the emit keyword and can be listened to off-chain to track contract activity.

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Q2. How do you deploy a smart contract on Ethereum?
To deploy a smart contract on Ethereum, you first compile the Solidity code using a compiler like Remix or Truffle. Then, you deploy the compiled bytecode to the Ethereum blockchain using a tool like MetaMask or Geth.

Q3. What is the purpose of the payable modifier in Solidity?
The payable modifier in Solidity allows a function to receive Ether along with a transaction. It enables the function to accept Ether transfers and perform actions like transferring Ether to other addresses or updating contract state.

Q4. Explain the difference between storage, memory, and calldata in Solidity.
In Solidity, storage refers to persistent storage on the blockchain, where contract state variables are stored. memory is temporary storage used for variables in function execution. calldata is a special data location that contains function arguments and data passed during external function calls.

Q5. How do you implement inheritance in Solidity?
In Solidity, inheritance is implemented using the is keyword. A contract can inherit from one or more parent contracts, inheriting their state variables and functions. Child contracts can override inherited functions or add new functionality.

Q6. What are modifiers in Solidity?
Modifiers in Solidity are reusable code snippets that can be applied to functions to add additional functionality or validations. They are used to enhance code readability and reduce duplication by applying common checks or actions to multiple functions.

Q7. How do you test a Solidity smart contract?
Solidity smart contracts can be tested using frameworks like Truffle or tools like Remix. Test scripts are written to simulate various scenarios and verify the behavior of the contract. Tests cover functionalities, edge cases, and error handling to ensure contract robustness.

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