Can you give some tips for conducting an outreach program on engineering ?

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Hi everyone,

I am a college student from India and we are planning to conduct an outreach program to inspire interested high school students into engineering and also educate on what should be expected from an engineering job mainly in the electrical and computer domain as we are students in those domains.

Our initial plan includes a sort of a workshop and talk. Workshop would be to teach them to build something, maybe something using an Arduino. And the talk to point them to further resources. Feel free to add in anything.

Thank you

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I used to do a traveling Physics demonstration show in college for high-school students that sounds like it had the same goal as yours. My main recommendation is that make sure whatever you show them you make them say "Wow!" early, and then keep them saying "Wow!" until you're done. For engineering, everyone likes robots, so if it were me that's what I would focus the presentations on. I also would make sure there was audience participation, but would not do a workshop, as those are very hard to facilitate.

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