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My experience as a Placement Coordinator for Wipro

First time I am sharing my experience on any platform. So please let me know in a comment on how I can improve.

Why i choose Dev platform?

I get to know about dev. to from Twitter. I have a habit of exploring new things so I try to explore more about dev. to i found it's a very cool platform for any developer to share things. I am usually active on Twitter but after getting to know about dev. to i am more active on it than any other social media. I think finally I found the best platform for myself to write and share my experience and knowledge.

How I have been selected as the coordinator?

I am too active in my college. I am also a CPDD coordinator for my batch and too active there. We have a total of 12 CSE batches in our university. CPDD team choose 4 students from each batch as coordinators. From my batch I am the most active coordinator, 2 coordinators are completely inactive, and the remaining one is active but not too much. So for Wipro total of 14 coordinators were chosen from both college and university and I am one of them.

Let's talk about my experience

Two days ago before starting the complete thing, I get a call from the CPDD team that I have to work as a coordinator for conducting interviews and she said that a meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow with Wipro. The next day We all joined the meeting and they explained to us the complete procedure we need to follow then they asked our doubts but they explained so well that it's completely cleared what and how we have to manage each and everything.

After 30 min, the meeting ends and the CPDD team created a Whatsapp group of all coordinators and created an instant meeting so if we still have any doubt we can ask. As it was already cleared so we are just gone through orally with the complete procedure.

I have been assigned for a total of 22 students. 13 for the first day and the remaining 9 for the 2nd day.

Now I started my work I mailed to all students and collected their details and resume then I created a WhatsApp group for better coordination. After collecting details of each student I contacted the interviewer and take confirmation of slots. I divided slots of 30 min but he said to make slots of 20 min only. I did as he said. The next day I again called him and I take confirmation and he confirmed to me that there is no need to make changes in slots. He started interviews on time and I took the feedback from students after finishing their interview

Student1: The interviewer is very friendly and very comfortable. He asked me 2 technical questions and then we talk for a few minutes.

Student2: He is really a nice interviewer and he asked me about my projects and I shared my innovative ideas too then he asked me 1 technical question.

Student3: it was really nice to have an interview with him he is very cool and comfortable.

After finishing he thanked me for my support and it was really a nice day.
Also, I am the first coordinator who finished all interviews.

Now next day came I also got a helper coordinator because I also have to give an interview which has to be taken by a different interviewer. So I followed the same procedure the next day I called my interviewer but he said that we will start 30 min late from the schedule. Then we started with the interview but this time the interviewer was not like the previous one. Here the response I got from students that the interviewer is asking 6 to 7 technical questions but he is also friendly. The interviewer also gets some issues with his laptop so he took a 1-hour gap for that too but we finished all the interviews well and all students are satisfied with it.

It was really a nice experience with a new thing and end up successfully. Coordinating an interview is totally different from giving an interview. Here you have to be precise with your work else it will create a mess.

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