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The simple tricks to change your website theme based on day and night

lakshmananarumugam profile image Lakshmanan Arumugam ・1 min read

Hi everyone, every website have a theme options. so, a website user able to choose their preferred theme like dark, light..etc., This is existing followed approach in everyone website.

how is it (we show the website theme based on the user day and night). I just tried. if you like it use in your website. give some different experience to your website user.

Let's jump into the implementation part:

For now, I take a simple coming soon html template for with dark and light theme.

The above page theme change based on body attribute data-theme: "dark-theme" / "light-theme".

by default show light-theme.

Now, coming to main point how we change website theme based on day and night.

function setThemePreference() {
  var d = new Date();
  * The getHours() method returns the hour (from 0 to 23) of the specified date and time.
  * Day = 0 - 11
  * Night = 12 - 23
  var currentHour = d.getHours();

  * The dark theme load early morning and night
  * The light theme load morning and evening

  if(currentHour >= 19 || currentHour <= 6) {
    document.body.setAttribute("data-theme", "dark_theme") 
  }else {
    document.body.setAttribute("data-theme", "light_theme") 

window.onload = setThemePreference;
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That's all.

The workable version of the codepen URL

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