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21 Days of DevOps Interview - Can you clarify which services we need to integrate between AWS and on-premises systems - Day 4

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As I've mentioned in my previous posts, clarifying as many questions as possible with the interviewer before directly answering them is better.

For this question, the most critical questions we need to clarify from the interviewer are:
1️⃣ Can you specify the main business drivers for integrating AWS with our on-premises infrastructure in the proposed hybrid setup?
2️⃣ What are the primary applications or services we plan to migrate or extend to AWS, and what are their expected performance and availability requirements?
3️⃣ Do specific compliance or data residency concerns influence our choice between AWS Storage Gateway, Direct Connect, and VPN connections for our hybrid environment?

✅ AWS Storage Gateway:
AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that provides on-premises access to virtually unlimited cloud storage.
Key Points:
1️⃣ Supports File Gateway, Volume Gateway, and Tape Gateway.
2️⃣ Facilitates backup, archival, and disaster recovery.
Design Factors:
1️⃣ Determine data access frequency to choose between stored or cached options.
2️⃣ Assess network bandwidth and latency for efficient data transfer.
3️⃣ Consider encryption and security requirements for stored data.

✅ AWS Direct Connect:
AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service that enables establishing a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS.
Key Points:
1️⃣ Reduces network costs and increases bandwidth throughput.
2️⃣ Bypasses the public internet, offering a more consistent network experience.
Design Factors:
1️⃣ Evaluate the expected volume of data transfer to select appropriate port speeds.
2️⃣ Understand the redundancy requirements to ensure high availability.
3️⃣ Consider proximity to AWS Direct Connect locations for optimal performance.

✅ VPN Connections:
AWS offers the ability to establish secure and private sessions between your on-premises networks and your Amazon VPCs over the internet through VPN connections.
Key Points:
1️⃣ Includes Site-to-Site VPN and Client VPN options.
2️⃣ Encrypted data transmission over the internet is ensured.
Design Factors:
1️⃣ Determine the type of VPN connection based on the use case (site-to-site for permanent connections, client VPN for remote access).
2️⃣ Assess the security protocols and firewall settings to ensure compatibility.
3️⃣ Consider the scalability and manageability of VPN connections for growing needs.

✍️ Interviewer Expectation:
1️⃣ Discuss the balance between ease of setup and security when using any solution.
2️⃣ Explore how these services support the business objectives like disaster recovery and data archival.
3️⃣ Request best practices for managing and optimizing hybrid connections in their specific context.

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