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Alex Lakatos 🥑
Made Half of @DevRelAvocados. Reformed #JavaScript person, #DevRel 🥑Manager at @fidelhq by day, @mozillareps & @moztechspeakers by night.
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I've built this silly app one Sunday afternoon. The reasons were many, but none exactly "good":

  • I've used bad computer puns as a way to MC conferences last year, and a few people have followed suit. It was getting tiresome to keep digging up this Twitter thread from September when people asked for it. So I wanted something on the web that looked like slides, that I could use on my phone next time, and that people could contribute to.
  • I wanted to mash Vue with Jekyll, just because I'm using Jekyll as my go-to static site generator and I've played around with Vue for a while now
  • I just wanted to build something silly

I've shown this on the following Monday to one of my co-workers and his instant reaction was "This needs to be on HackerNews!". TBH, I didn't think it was something people would like in there, but I figured "What the hell". So it went up on HackerNews, without many expectations. But the internet is weird, it got to #2 in there for about 30 minutes, and it stayed on the first page for a few hours. That made it popular. I'm going to share a few analytics about that first day:

  • 251 users per second on the site
  • 14993 views in the first day (more viewed than all the content I've put out last year combined)
  • 55 tweets about it, with the accounts having a combined follower count of 648K, the most popular being @JavaScriptDaily
  • 115 facebook posts about it

I know it might not sound like a lot for some people posting here, but for me, it was the most viewed/shared thing I did, and people kept reaching out about it. I think it achieved the things I built for:

  • a bunch of people made pull requests with bad puns on the GitHub repo
  • I can use it next time I'm MC-ing a conference
  • got tons of feedback for it on HN
  • managed to make Vue render in a Jekyll site
  • it was silly as hell

If you want to add more bad puns to it, please submit a pull request on GitHub. If you've got more ideas on what I should do with it next, leave it in the comments below. I think next on my list are the ability to subscribe to get a new pun every day (need more puns for that) and build an API for it(I want to play around with OpenAPI Specs and see if I can build an API with Jekyll).

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