Service Design for YouBike - Give Users a Better Co-share Bike Rental Experience

laiyenju profile image Yen Ju Lai ・1 min read

My Final Project

This is a user experience design project for Taiwan's public sector through the design service research process.

About YouBike

  • YouBike is a bike-rental sharing system located in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • This public service is operated by Taipei City Department of Transportation as a BOT collaboration with Giant Bicycles.

Demo Link

How I built it

  • Through observation and self-test how people rent YouBike, confirm the target users.
  • Draw user flow for target users to know more rental procedure details.
  • Use costumer journey combined service blueprint to find user's touch points and pain points.
  • Plan resolutions to solve above problems.

Additional Thoughts

I found that target users in these case are first-time and occasional user. Simplicity, clarity which is budget-balance are two key solutions for them.


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