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Discussion on: How do you deal with Q&A web platform's trolls? (e. g., Stack Overflow, Quora, etc.)

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Lais Carvalho Author • Edited on

Interesting perspective @mborus ...

The internet does not offer free tech support but then why not just keep quiet instead? My favourite questions channel for Python questions is the Python Discord server. They have several rooms where people can post their questions, snippets of code, etc. and if the question does not get picked up in 30 min to be answered, you lose your right to ask on that channel for 90 min. So, if the question is not clear or the issue doesn't make sense, you won't get an answer. Simple like that, no downvotes and no shame. Mostly controlled by bots (we do love Discord bots!).
They also have quite an extensive manual on how to effectively ask questions, a step-by-step on assembling questions and even a mock-up template on how to best structure them.

And great observation on the SO nickname! I shall change mine now... :P

I wonder what is the future of SO, though. I have been hearing more and more devs saying they feel discouraged to reply questions there due to the exact reason you mentioned. Scenes for the next chapters, I suppose.

Thanks for your comment :) I miss our Word Peril sessions already <3