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Use of mental models

Ladislav Szolik
Engineer & UX designer.
・1 min read

Mental models give us a shorthand to know how things work around us. Our brain constantly creates them to help us managing our life. This is a good thing, if the model is useful and help us move forward!

In software design, people love to invent new terms for already existing things. That is so far okay. Then they re-explain it as it was new and problem happens when they convince others that is available only to certain people...

When a developers says: I don't know how to do UX. I just implement the code, I am not a creative kind. This person often times has an image about a UX Designer, who effortlessly comes up with creative ideas and design wonderful screens and exactly knows what the user want. This is not empowering.

Of course the reality might be different. Still that model exist in the dev's mind and it might block her to level up.

Useful mental models like performance, authentication ... are super useful, but for some other models we might need to dig deeper to re validate our understanding.

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