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Introducing contributors-img: Keep contributors in

lacolaco profile image Suguru Inatomi ・Updated on ・1 min read

Hey folks! I introduce a web app I've created, contributors-img.
It generate an image to display contributors of your GitHub repository.


Why image?

Because images are only way to embed dynamic content in on GitHub.

Once you paste the generated image's URL in, it will keep contributors list in sync without any effort.

It's FREE to use for open source!

Technically, contributors-img is built on top of Google Cloud Functions / Puppeteer / Angular / GitHub APIs.


  • A repo having too many contributors takes a long time to generate an image.
  • For each repository, images are generated once in a day and it will be cached for later requests.



Editor guide
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Vicki (she/her)

Yay! Thank you! I've now updated my open source repos to use these. Thanks for this

LGBTQ of the Day Bot

image of contributors generated by pulling from

Code Questions Bot

image of contributors generated by pulling from

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Rahul Jain

Loved it! I will be using it for my open source project

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Incredible work with this! 100%