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I bounce around with my work laptop from room-to-room or the backyard.

This is not because I want variety. This is because I work and take meetings wherever my 1-year-old will let me 😂

Sometimes he wants to pull me outside and play. I stand out there with my laptop

Sometimes I'm in a meeting where I am 90% sure I won't say a single word, so I just stick around the living room.

Sometimes I have a meeting where I know I WILL have to talk, so I sneak into another room and shut the door. If he sees me leave, he will cry and hit the door until I come out. If he doesn't see me he doesn't care at all.


Wow a 1-year-old AND working?? That's a lot but good for you! Do you see yourself working from home in the future?


I like going into the office occasionally, but I really wouldn't mind 100% WFH. I would have missed my son's first steps if I wasn't working from home. Plus, pajamas all day.

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