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Jess West (she/her) for Lacework

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Celebrating CascadiaJS

Hey friends! We are super pumped to announce that the FIRST developer conference we’re attending as a Developer Experience team is something near and dear to (my) heart, CascadiaJS. CascadiaJS is a conference that has been traditionally based in Pacific Northwest (PNW). Last year, it went virtual, which brought together developers across the world, literally. This year, the conference team has tackled a new challenge: a hybrid event. We know how much goes into conferences like this and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support this community. In our minds, community is all about supporting and learning from each other. As we build our community for Lacework, we want to learn from the folks at CascadiaJS about how we can best support their needs.

A handful of us will attend and listen to what is happening in the community and we’d love for you to say hello! Our team will be attending virtually and in-person, so we hope to run into you and help cheer on our fearless speakers and organizers.

👾 Vatasha White
🏍 Tessa Kriesel
🎤 Jessica West

Now, we all know the real networking happens at the after-party, so we of course wanted to help be part of that community experience. We are proud to be sponsoring karaoke this year! Does anyone know any cool security karaoke songs? Asking for a friend… See you there!

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