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Discussion on: Get last element of array in JavsScript

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Wojciech • Edited on

OK. So imagine this:

How are web-enabled systems attacked? Of course there are many ways, but first and the most used one method of probing is through reverse engineering output of console.log.

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The console.log is for demonstration purposes, you can just do:

let myNewVar = last

and then return it or use it or whatever, the only bit that is of significance is:

const {length, [length-1]: last} = str

Which I am still processing as Jon always blows my mind with some weird syntax I haven't seen before (or more precisely have seen but don't use so have to then go and do a load of unpacking of his solution 🤣)!

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Jon Randy • Edited on

@labspl - I'm not disagreeing with you, but - again - this is entirely irrelevant to the post, or to my original comment

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Jon Randy

@inhuofficial I aim to please :)