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I use many applications / tools or whatever:

  • Discord with a custom theme set with BeautifulDiscord for communication
  • Some JetBrains IDEs which are fantastic (I guess I can use Geany with some plugins)
  • Visual Studio Code for quick editing and small projects
  • Vim for editing on SSH (I know a few commands)
  • Git for versioning and git-radar to have a nice HUD in the prompt

I sometimes also write stuff with Libre Office and use GIMP for graphics.

Terminal-wise, I use Terminator because of it's ability to have multiple shells in one window. Speaking about shells, I stick with Bash.

In terms of browsers and extensions, I switched to Firefox. Before, I've been using Chromium. Here are the extensions: Enpass for managing passwords, uBlock Origin and finally HTTPS Everywhere.

Finally, I write random tools for fun or there's a need for a specific one.

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