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Kyriakos Michael
Kyriakos Michael

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iPad has a build in Calculator. For Real!

OK People, recently i just bough an iPad. As i was looking and searching it i discover that no calculator app is available!

This is crazy, right?

Did you ever used your iPad like a real Macos Computer? This is where you will find that spotlight work pretty much the same way on the iPad.

Let me just show you. Are you ready?

  1. First you have to unlock to iPad and drag down from the menu screen. This will open Search ( Spotlight ).

Image description

  1. Enter your Math query. This should be handled just fine!

Image description

Image description

Image description

What do you think people? 😀

I would appreciate any recommendations, looking forward to add more tips & tricks about iPad!

My name is Kyriakos Michael and I'm working as a Front-end developer. I would like to explore how a Developer can use iPad for his work since helloo, we are not everyone a Video and Photo Editor! People do other jobs as well!

Thanks for reading this out.

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