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Discussion on: How I'm Learning to Code At 35

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Kyle R. Conway

Similar. Congrats on posting and making the move! An additional question, if you're open to it: did you do any lesser things (with code or processes?) in the intervening 17 years? In my own case, looking back, I found lots of programming-adjacent activities (including scripting) that I didn't view as programming because of the communities I was in (i.e. non-programmers). Wondering if you had a similar experience or, absent that, what led you back to programming?

Good luck!

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Jamie Ferrugiaro Author

Thank you! Hmmmm, not really. In high school (sooo long ago), I taught myself HTML/CSS to a degree and would make websites for fun using that. It was so different then, though. In more recent years, I've edited CSS a bunch for various reasons; for friends websites, for the charity I've volunteered for. It's easier to edit than create from scratch, however, so I always felt like that really didn't count.

Actually, it was probably all the years volunteering at this charity that eventually led me to considering this again. I mostly worked as their volunteer digital marketing manager. I finally decided to make a concrete decision and am so excited about it.

Also, MUD games hahaha.