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Multiple Emails on GSuite


Email Aliases

Email aliases are one way to get more bang for your buck. GSuite costs me $6.36/month. For that you can have up to 30 email aliases for a single user. So this is how you do it if you are the GSuite admin. After logging in you can use the following links.

Ensure Default Routing

Default routing is a way to catch all invalid emails to your user. If someone typos your email address, this will help you still receive the email.

Add Your Domain

Here you can add your domain which is additional to your gsuite domain. You probably don't want it to be an alias.

Add Organizational Unit

This will allow you to make shared inboxes under google groups.

Add Email Aliases to User

Click on the user of interest and then "User Information". Add whatever aliases you currently have. At this point you'll need to wait up to an hour before the alias is added in gmail.

Add Send From

Under the "send mail as" section you should be able to add the email from the previous step. Leave "Treat as an alias" checked and if you waited long enough from the last step, it should accept the email.

Bonus: Email profile picture

If you want your profile picture to show in gmail clients, this is how you would do that.

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