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Cynical Observations

kyleparisi profile image Kyle Parisi Updated on ・1 min read

Fear of bad code makes more complex code.

Docker. It works on my computer. Turns into a dance of 'docker-compose down, docker-compose rm blah, docker blah build, docker up --build'. Or if you’re a pro you’ve aliased everything.

Webpack. Chrome is literally an operating system of power but we turned concatting files into a science degree.

React. Where smart people write 50 line ternaries, overly complex mapping, and no reactive data.


Typescript. For those that fear they might have to look at the browser console with 0 runtime safety.

Typescript. Using dynamic object selection negates type safety. So much for being DRY.

Kubernetes. Has your operations gotten cheaper? Or how about that scale?

Graphql. A technology optimized for not talking with your team. Screw your pagination, infinite loops, duplicated queries. It’s good for me now.

Microservices. Imagine the unix philosophy, but instead it turns into networked, tightly coupled, dependencies.

Also microservices. How many times have you synchronized deployments?

Terraform. Have you had a problem in the last 30 days that terraform solves?

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