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How To Build A Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats - Uber Eats clone


Building an Uber Eats Clone

Building a Food delivery platform that connects you with a wide range of nearby restaurants and makes getting great food from your favorite local restaurants as easy as requesting a ride, consists of 3 panels.

These panels can be customised by adding extra features and make it unique from other apps.

Restaurant App: A Restaurant, create a menu and add a new cuisine, with options letting customer browse through their page of different menu and place an order. The order placed is received and prepared for food delivery and places a request to the delivery boy to deliver the order to the customer. 75% of the profit, is kept by the Restaurant, and 25% goes to the Food delivery platform.

Customer App: A customer can browse through hundreds of nearby restaurants, make search for preferred restaurant, select a cuisine of their wish and place an order. This order is fully tracked on a map by the customer.

Delivery Boy App: A delivery request is received by the delivery boy They can choose to accept the order based on their convenience, and get turn-by-turn navigation UI with voice support.

Generally, Before launching a food delivery platform like Uber Eats, you will be interested in;

Carrying Out a Research

  • The first thing would be to consider your target audience.
  • Your business model and how you plan to operate.
  • The persisting trend in the food delivery network and how you can improve on that.
  • Consumer preference to enable you have the right first set of Restaurants on ur app.

Payment support

You would want to consider a good payment support system that enable you accept all kind of payments. Stripe payment is a good choice to consider and also if you support cash on delivery.

Considering all this, putting a team of developers is costly, from thousands of dollars and more than 6 months of development time to complete. You should not wait that long to start. Consider using a template. The good people at QuickComponent have an affordable Uber Eats Clone Template that supports both iOS and Android and is ready for launch. This is important as it saves you Thousands of dollars and months of development time. You simply download and have your app running. You can easily modify this template to fit your business needs and requirements.

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