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Who's using Livewire?

A junior colleague of mine has just recently started on Laravel and is busy migrating a React app to Laravel. He's using Livewire.

I don't write that much Laravel these days, so I'm a bit rusty as well but I noticed a bunch of random issues, e.g. "$wire.$call" not working in JavaScript:

   window.addEventListener('load', (event) => {
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After some digging, I found this is because we using version 3.0, and upgrading to 3.3 works fine. In V3.0 we had to use "" or something similar.

Probably just a bug fix or a new addition. I am going to monitor the 3.3 version and see what happens, but so far for my Junior dev - the developer experience sucked because of reading 3.X documentation where some stuff doesn't work.

How has your experience been with Livewire? And have you noticed any weird quirks?

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