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How are you promoting your SaaS?

I know from personal experience that it is a pain to promote SaaS products. One of the major pain points is finding actual leads that convert to paying customers.

Where are you promoting your SaaS? For me these work well:

  1. Google Maps: tons of data there from phone numbers to email addresses. Scraping your niche and then cold emails can work well. Just don't get carried away with spam, be genuine and make your emails as personal as possible.
  2. Facebook groups. This is a gold mine. It does take a few months to build up your own group and following.
  3. Quora spaces. Similar to Facebook, you can set up a space and just frequently post helpful content which should build up your followers list over time. Additionally, respond to user questions related to your product.
  4. Betalist, Product Hunt,devhunt, etc... All the free SaaS marketplaces.
  5. Linkedin. Painfully slow, it's hard to get traction here but those that convert end up being good customers.
  6. Craigslist and Gumtree. Old school, but hey it works to an extent.
  7. Write blog articles on popular platforms like Medium, substack, hashnode. Much easier to Rank high on Google here first. Just make sure you set the "canonical URL" to point to your domain.
  8. Reddit. This one is hard to get right, people hate marketing on Reddit but when done right this can work well.

Ideally before even building your product, you should sit down and write a list of attributes of your ideal customer and then try to find places where they hang out. Usually Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

💡 I did a deep-dive article here on building SaaS products.

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