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🐧5 useful resources for anyone learning Linux

I love the Linux ecosystem and have been using Linux for more than a decade, furthermore, I have distro-hopped a thousand times through nearly every kind of Linux distro there is.

As a builder - I like to run the same OS I write code for on my servers (I run Linux Mint on my laptop and Ubuntu on my servers).

In this article, I am just going to share a short list of some of the resources I have used throughout my career to become efficient in a Linux environment.

1) Bash Bible

This repo can be used as a reference to learn the various BASH commands or as a cheatsheet. It's insanely well done and packed with loads of BASH examples:

Learning BASH is invaluable and can help you automate tasks and your workflow with great efficiency.

2) Linux From Scratch

While you can just download a "just works" ISO from Linux Mint or Ubuntu, or whichever flavor of Linux distros you prefer. It is a good idea to try out LFS:

The system you build here may not be useful for your everyday desktop/laptop OS needs, and is probably just a throwaway distro you will never use again, however, The point of LFS is to learn the internals of most Linux distros.

This will become very handy when you work on complex systems and have to diagnose and fix problems.

Build Linux servers via a web GUI easily including setting up all the security essentials. Check out my open-source project: Scriptables.

3) Learn Linux TV

I don't know this YouTuber personally but have great respect and appreciation for his work. I often watch his shows and it has helped me learn some important Linux concepts over the years.

He does a really good deep dive into most things Linux and has a great way of making complicated topics seem so easy.

Learn Linux TV

4) Digital Ocean Documentation

This is a strange place to learn about Linux but they have excellent documentation on various server-related tasks you need to perform when deploying apps to production.

Here's a direct link to their support documentation which has a ton of guides to help with setting up and administrating Linux servers:

5) Webminal

Scared of setting up a Linux distro and fiddling with it on your laptop? - might just be what you need. This is a free service that allows users to practice common Linux commands.

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Michael Tharrington

Nice list of resources here, Kevin! Thanks for sharing.