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3-Step guide to drive thousands of users to your app or website.

Do you have a SaaS app, Open Source project, blog, or other website you want to drive traffic to, but cannot afford AdWords or other expensive advertising platforms?

In this guide, I will highlight 3 simple steps you can use to drive hundreds, if not thousands of users to your website for free every month.

Step one: Find communities

Head over to and search for your niche.

The hive index is a powerful and free tool to help you find thousands of communities on Discord, Reddit, and other community-type portals.

Other options include:

  1. Reddit.
  2. Facebook groups.
  3. Twitter.
  4. Discord.
  5. Google groups.
  6. Quora.

Step two: Build trust

Join relevant communities, engage with community members, and try to make a meaningful impact. Be as consistent as possible i.e. don't show up once every 6 weeks and expect good results, you should be engaged in these communities at least once a week answering questions or posting content.

It is important to respect each community's rules. Do not spam! The goal is to invest time and energy into the community so that you build a respectable brand.

In doing so, you will earn the trust and respect of the community. Thus allowing you to promote yourself wherever and whenever possible.

Step three: The lead magnet

You should give away stuff; either knowledge, ebooks, or advice. Doesn't matter what you give away exactly, so long as it's free and useful to your community members.

By doing so, you then can drive traffic to your landing page and collect their email addresses for your newsletter or market to them in a tasteful way.

Lead magnets should be of high quality, it's a good way to show users what value you bring to the table. This will ultimately help you convert visitors into paying clients.


Similar to SEO, this is a slow process. It takes time to build an audience and earn the trust of random strangers on the internet.

Ultimately patience and offering great value beyond just selling a product or promoting a service will help you drive traffic in a much more meaningful way.

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