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Kuvam Bhardwaj
Kuvam Bhardwaj

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yeetboard - A fun Multi-Player Whiteboarding App

Overview of My Submission

I've always been interested in applications which are capable of providing collaborative experiences to user like the VSCode's Live Share, or Figma's interactive & beautiful collaborative UI.

Haven't been able to make a collaborative app, I was motivated enough to take on this challenge of making an online whiteboarding app where multiple users can join in on sessions & collaborate or even brainstorm on a plain canvas.

So, here, in this project, I've attempted to give users freedom to draw, shapes or free-hand. With customisability of the elements they create on empty canvas while being able to collaborate with friends with just ONE-CLICK!

Submission Category: Wacky Wildcards

Language Used: JS/TS/Node.js

Link to Code:

Additional Resources / Info

Demo Video Showing Features:

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