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Full Stack Developer works on #100DaysOfBlockchain, React, JavaScript, #100DaysOfCloud, #LogicCodeDebug, .Net & exploring #abc_vi (AI | VR | IOT | Quantum)
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One Live Product 🚁

#OneLiveProduct is about the journey of an entrepreneur towards it's first product that can be leveled up as startup.


I was sitting at home and thinking, what am I doing? Does that has any worth?

Due to curiosity, I started searching more about this topic and I saw so many people are doing great work in coding, writing, designing etc. But isn't their work deserves more. Or their should be something that shows their true presence and journey that they have covered or wants to cover as entrepreneur.

One Live Product is about the same, let's give yourself some time and think, Is their any product that is your dream and you want to make it live to users. If yes, start posting about your product journey even if it is just a thought.

Might be people will love your concept and you may get help and support of any kind you want. Or, you may get your first few users.

You can share anything you want towards your journey of your dream. But we cautious that you are representing your dream project.

Our AIM out of #OneLiveProduct is:

  • Build your dream product and make it Live. Start posting from the day you thought you just want to build your dream product.

  • You can take days to think and just post about whatever you feel like: how have you chosen the product you are developing, what are your learning, impact and growth, etc.

  • It's not about updating on social media mandatorily, you may or may not post daily but don't post irrelevant information like: I have completed 10 days of #OneLiveProduct. These kind of information is not at all helpful and you may loose your actual users. Instead of posting like that. You can post about your thoughts on the problem, start some quiz, ask some questions or share some resources that are helpful, ask questions that are relevant to your product requirements or share module update or ask users for review, etc.

  • Have some actual users on boarded and this journey will help you to connect with your initial users.

  • Connect with other people following #OneLiveProduct to understand their journey and how they are handling problems of making a product live with actual users.

You can join facebook and linkedIn groups of #OneLiveProduct.

Always feel free to connect with me on any of the platform you love.

Stay Connected, Stay Save and Let's Build together.

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