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Kurubaran Anandhan
Kurubaran Anandhan

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Flutter Guide - This application might help you to learn about Flutter if you are a beginner in this space.

This application contains Widgets which are available in "Flutter Widgets of the Week".

Users / Beginners can able to see how the widget works, source code of the widget, information about the widget & sample YouTube videos ( Official Flutter YouTube Community) of each & every widget.

Currently the application supports 6 widgets, ASAP I'll be adding all the widgets. Also, this application shows video tutorials from official Flutter YouTube Community for references.

Open Sourced on GitHub. ("")

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Soon, this application will be available on Google Play for Android users. For, iOS support contact me for installation process.

Contact Details : [ Note : Please add subject as "Flutter Guide iOS Installation Support" ]

Thanks & Regards,
Kurubaran Anandhan.

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Pablo Discobar

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