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Discussion on: Life Can Be Tough, But We Are DAMN Good at What We Do!

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Chad Kunde

I missed this when you posted, but I still want to congratulate you on pulling through and exercising your (underused) bragging skills.

A lot of my work and accomplishments at work are in the team-building and product development. Not really quiet or background work, especially with the great group of devs I'm lucky enough to work alongside.

I do need to brag a bit, though. I've been building assembly kernels for the go port of BLAS/LAPACK with the project. It's up to about 5k loc for the x86_64 blas kernels, each of which nearly doubled the processing speed for the specific calculation.

Most users don't need to dig that deep into the code, plus they generally don't want to write assembly. I enjoy the challenge of building out the assembly kernels, plus the performance benefits are immediately available to all of the code that has been built on top of the gonum libraries.

Still more to do, but I'm proud of the work I've done there so far.