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Most useful chrome extensions for DEVELOPERS

Augury: This is a debugging tool for AngularJS applications that allows you to visualize the application's dependency injection system and performance.

JSON Viewer: This extension formats and highlights JSON data, making it easier to read and debug.

Postman: This is a powerful API development tool that allows you to send HTTP requests and view the responses. It's great for testing and debugging APIs.

Wappalyzer: This extension detects the technologies used on a website, including the content management system, hosting provider, and analytics tools.

Web Developer: This extension adds a toolbar with a variety of web development tools, including a DOM inspector, a CSS style editor, and a JavaScript console.

Lighthouse: This is a performance and auditing tool developed by Google that allows you to audit the performance, accessibility, and best practices of a website.

React Developer Tools: This is a tool for inspecting and debugging React applications. It allows you to view the component hierarchy and the props and state of each component.

PageSpeed Insights: This is another performance tool developed by Google that analyzes the performance of a webpage and provides recommendations for improving its speed.

Redux DevTools: This is a tool for debugging applications built with the Redux state management library. It allows you to view the state changes and actions in your application.

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