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An Alternative Reality Coding Paradigm: The Unity Principle

kuddleman profile image Donny ・3 min read

Whatever coding language we’re writing in, we know that our code will eventually get compiled or translated or a combo of both and then get less and less abstracted so that it finally becomes a series of “1”s and “0”s. Those ones and zeros will be the last thing the human eye can see before they disappear down the rabbit hole of the CPU.

But think about the profundity of that system of ones and zeros or duality. Everything boils down to just one thing or another. “One” or “zero”. “On” or “off”. “Yes” or “no”. If we take a philosophical and spiritual jump, duality is really the basis for our whole system of reality--and the computer’s basic paradigm just mirrors that basic truth: “one” or “zero”, “on” or “off”, “cold” or “hot”, “happy” or “sad”, “good” or “bad”, “us” or “them”.

Well, I have a proposal for you. What would it be like if, instead of a system of duality, our computer systems were based on a system of unity or “one-ness”.

All it would take to make the shift from duality to unity would be a change of perspective. Let me explain.

A simple example of duality might be the everyday penny. It can be thought of having “heads” or “tails”. You’ve played the game many times as in “Let’s make a decision and we’ll flip for it, heads or tails?”

In this proposed system of unity our perspective would shift and we would see the penny in terms of its wholeness, in its completeness. The head and the tails would not disappear but instead of considering them as separate entities, we would see them as parts of one single wholeness. We would no longer see heads and tails as separate things, but as aspects of one thing.

Can you even conceive of a computer system that isn’t based on ones and zeros, but instead based on one-ness? What paradigms would have to be shifted? Would we even be able to use the same human language and symbols to base it upon?

Ultimately what would have to shift in ourselves, our own minds and hearts to make a proposed unity language possible?

In order to approach such a shift from a system based in duality to a system based in unity there would have to be a dimensional shift. What is a dimensional shift? Think for a minute what it would be like to live in 2-dimensional “flatland” where there was just length and width? In two-dimensional thinking, how could you even conceive of a 3rd dimension called “height?” Such “extra-dimensional” thinking requires two things: 1) an expansion of the mind and 2) an expansion of the heart. And not necessarily in that order.

Think of the great minds of that last century like Einstein who indeed achieved that first requirement: an expansion of the mind. They thought way out of the box. Then think of how that genius, to be truly great, links up with that 2nd requirement. I am reminded of one of my heroes, Yukihiro Matsumoto, the inventor of the Ruby programming language. He certainly made a dimensional shift. He tells the story of having “conversations” with his then infant daughter and coming up with the idea of blocks--a key Ruby programming feature--through those “conversations.” There was his expansion of the heart.

By the way, as long as we’re on the topic, I’ll tell you a secret! Take an expansion of the mind, add on an expansion of the heart, surround it all with a blanket of intention, then add a nice helping of joy--and there you have your basic recipe for what you would call a miracle.

You might feel sorry for those who live in the mythical “Flat Land” I described. “Too bad, “ you might say, “the Flatlanders don’t know about height. They are missing out on so much in their world. And yet, the 3rd dimension is right there in front of their noses, they just can’t see it.”

And so I would say the same to you. The world of unity--a place where the divisions and the differences between us are healed--could be achieved through realizing a mere error of perspective, through giving up a falsehood that we have participated in for these many millennia.

As you might ponder all this, I would encourage you all to

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