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Tracetest + Artillery Launch Week Recap 💥

This week was Tracetest’s first-ever Launch Week. We’ve been working on a major integration with Artillery for the last month and our team is beyond excited to share it with you all!

What’s a launch week?

Each day this week, we’ve published new educational content on how to quickly get started with trace-based performance testing. This included docs guides, video tutorials, code samples, a blog post, and a webinar with live demos.

We’re not the first company to run a launch week. Shoutout to Supabase for starting the hype around launch weeks. However, they’re a great way to give a huge new product update the time in the spotlight it deserves. And, give both the Artillery and Tracetest teams praise for releasing amazing new features!

What happened this week?

We shared daily updates on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages, as well as in our community. In addition, we collaborated with our friends from Artillery on a blog post and live stream, complete with live demos. Lastly, we compiled this recap, making it easier for you to catch up on everything in one place.

Without further ado, here’s what we did this week.

Monday - Day 1: Artillery + Tracetest Integration Quick Starts

We've announced a quick start guide for using the Artillery and Tracetest integration, including a runnable code example that you can start using in seconds!

Additionally, there's a video tutorial by Oscar that provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the integration.

Tuesday - Day 2: Artillery + Tracetest Integration Announcement

We were excited to see our friends at Artillery publish the official integration announcement in their blog.

Wednesday - Day 3: Performance Testing with Distributed Tracing using Artillery, Playwright, and Tracetest

Day 3 was a banger! We sat down with our friends Bernardo and Ines from Artillery and discussed everything from performance testing to using distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry for end-to-end testing. Oscar and Ines covered hands-on code demos of the Artillery + Tracetest integration, but also demoed how to use Playwright too!

Thursday - Day 4: Enhancing the Artillery Playwright engine with Tracetest for observability-driven testing

Day 4 was packed with guides and examples from the webinar collaboration! It includes a docs quick start and example code for using the Artillery + Playwright + Tracetest for trace-based performance testing with end-to-end visibility.

Friday - Day 5: Recap‍

Today is the last day of the Launch Week. We’re dedicating today to a recap of everything the community has learned during the week and compiling all learning resources in one place.

We’re so proud to have had the chance to collaborate with the lovely folks at Artillery. Thanks to Ines, Bernardo, and Hassy for their hard work and awesome presentation skills!

What's next?

Would you like to learn more about what Tracetest and Artillery can solve?

Try out Artillery

Try out Tracetest

Also, please feel free to join our Slack Community, give Tracetest a star on GitHub, or schedule a time to chat 1:1.

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