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Ole Lensmar for Kubeshop

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Monokle 1.10 improves on cluster inspection

We're happy to announce Monokle 1.10 - now adding a bunch of interactive features to help you inspect your k8s clusters:

  • Open a shell directly to a pod from the UI
  • Follow pod logs in the UI
  • Scale / Restart actions
  • See object age/status directly in the k8s navigator

We've also added a terminal to help you run your fav cli tools from inside the UI - and improved the integrated OPA validations, global search-and-replace, Docker Image inspector, Cluster-compare, etc. etc.

Lot's of goodies to make your everyday GitOps / Kubernetes configuration workflows so much easier!

As before - Monokle is 100% OSS/MIT licensed and free to download from GitHub - no registration required.

If you have any feedback - good or bad - we'd love to hear it!

Download the latest release from GitHub:

Release announcement is at

Oh - and it's Monokles' 1 year anniversary - Happy Birthday!

Top comments (3)

aabedraba profile image
Abdallah Abedraba

Happy Birthday Monokle!! 🎉
Great great updates!

toxer10 profile image

Happy Birthday, Monokle!

chargio profile image
Sergio Ocón-Cárdenas

Happy Birthday!

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