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Where are most Kubernetes job offers located? Let's try to find out.

We at Kube Careers took our job listings data for Q3 2022 (July to September) and analysed it to derive a few patterns.

Before you read further, know that:

  • At Kube Careers, we only include job listings with a clear salary range that have Kubernetes as a requirement and not a nice to have/plus.
  • Our dataset is small, with 86 job listings from July to September 2022.

Here are some of the interesting things we found.

Europe had the most Kubernetes job offers for Q3 2022.

Out of the 86 job descriptions we published this quarter, 35 (more than 40%) were from Europe. Followed by 29 job descriptions from the Asia-Pacific region, 16 from North America, and only 6 job listings were Remote only.


What about the details? Which part of Europe was the most popular?

Western Europe.

If we normalise the numbers for all the jobs from Europe, Western Europe leads the way with 57% of the job listings, Central Europe is at 33%, and Southwestern Europe comes third with only 3% of the listings.


Did Europe lead the charts year-on-year? Or all four quarters?

Not really.

In fact, in Q3 of 2021, the North American region represented the most jobs with a 32% stake, while Europe was close with a 29% representation.


It also must be noted that the COVID-19 situation in 2021 differed in all countries; some lifted restrictions earlier, while some took longer. Thus we can't compare the Q3 numbers of 2021 with those of 2022 at face value.

Like what you read?

Click here if you'd like to read our detailed job trends report for Q3 2022, which includes salary ranges, popular technologies and skills listed in job descriptions, and much more.

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