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Launching Your First App: Key Steps to Success

We’re the AppstoreSpy team and we’ve put together a guide on what to do once your app is out in the world. Wondering whether to spend on ads or tackle those bugs? Let’s work through it together! Here are some essential steps to ensure your app’s success:

1.Set Up Your App’s Landing Page: Create a landing page for your app that showcases its features and benefits. This can help you attract potential users and generate buzz around your app.
Before designing your app landing page, explore how competitors approach it to incorporate market-specific features and make your page appealing and distinctive for your audience.

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To do this, go to Market Explorer, find your market using keywords, quickly examine app previews, and navigate to individual app pages for a more in-depth analysis.

2.Invest in App Marketing & Analytics Software: The data insights and learnings from the first few weeks following your app’s launch are invaluable. They can help you understand how users are interacting with your app and identify areas for improvement.

3.Update Your App Description: When presenting an update, don’t forget to update your app description. It will provide important information about upcoming bug fixes.
Before updating the description, please review competitor descriptions.

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To do this, navigate to Market Explorer, select your market using keywords, and select the Description+Short Description columns

4.Use Digital Marketing Strategies: Utilize digital marketing strategies such as social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to promote your app and reach your target audience.

5.Collect User Feedback: Consider the feedback of the app users as one of the most important steps to take after the application launch. You can directly ask the early adopters for their thoughts on the app and any improvements they would like to see in terms of specific functionality and the overall user interface.

6.Develop and update branded screenshots and visuals to highlight your app’s features and benefits for marketing purposes.

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To explore competitors’ visuals, descriptions, keywords, and other crucial ASO parameters, navigate to Market Explorer — select your market using keywords — switch to Full view mode, and efficiently examine competitors’ visuals.

7.Consistently Monitor Competitors and Your Market: as staying informed about market updates and launching new features ahead of competitors is crucial for success and audience acquisition.

To examine competitor changes, go to App Timeline, upload your list of competitors, analyze their updates over the selected period, and assess their impact on installs and revenue.

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Anita Olsen

Thank you so much for this! Most interesting! I saved this for later.

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you're welcome!