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re: On GUI-shaming and a mountain of hot takes VIEW POST


I know that one of my other devs cringes when he sees me manipulating code. Because he knows a lot more of the shortcuts in Visual Studio to manipulate things. So he's thinking "he could move that line up more quickly if he hit alt-up-arrow." But for me, I'm thinking "moving a line via cutting and pasting works in every editor i have ever encountered."

I don't really get deep tool knowledge and customization (either GUI or CLI). I follow the 80/20 rule there. I'm willing to invest a little for a large gain. But it is usually not worth the effort to get things "just so". And in fact, it will only serve to make pairing more frustrating with others who don't have their setup identical to my "perfect" one.

As far as GUI vs CLI, I did Windows admin for years (before PowerShell) and then Linux admin for years. They are both means to an end -- providing a working service. The programmer in me likes the script-ability of linux, but it requires a pretty deep knowledge investment by the time you integrate all the little bits and pieces together. Trade-offs. Preferences. Nothing to champion as best.

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