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karan singh

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Export Medium Stories to Markdown format


If you are like me, I mean a frequent tech blogger. You would like to keep all your blog posts in Markdown format. If you have not thought about this until now, then I invite you to give a serious thought.

Nothing could beat, a blog post in Markdown format. It is a simple format that is easy to read and write. It is also a very good format for blogs, and brownie points to store those in a git repository.

I have been writing on Medium for a while now, and was using its inbuilt editor. Lately I have started to use hashnode and I thought, why not move my Medium blog posts to and hashnode (both of them supports markdown). However, there was no easy way provided by Medium to export them to markdown.

mediumexporter to the rescue

  • Install node on your computer
  • Then install mediumexporter node package
npm install -g mediumexporter
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  • Finally, export your medium stories to Markdown format using mediumexporter
mediumexporter >
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  • This will create file in your present working directory, which is the markdown file you were looking for.


Like everything, this is not a perfect solution. But it is a good start. You might want to review the code/image formatting, before you can re-port this blog to other platforms.

Special Thanks to the creator of markdownexporter that I used to export my Medium stories to Markdown format. Thanks a lot and well done my friend :)

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