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Discussion on: as a Personal Site

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Kevin Schachter

Looks great! Thanks for writing this (the post and the Node app).

A couple questions for you:

  • RE: "Local dev workflows are nice, but it depends on how often you'd envision updating this site." do you mean something like using Jekyll to compile static HTML pages locally as a local dev workflow?
  • In the sample README.MD, did you add the beginning HTML with the singlemd header manually or is that generated from Markdown by the app?

I've been using Jekyll for a simple blog for my thesis writing and I like it but it seems overkill for a single page. I like the idea of the GitLab pipeline a lot vs. having to build the site and then push.

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Jhon Paredes Author

Hi Kevin, thank you for your feedback!

Regarding your questions:

  1. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I had to run my local server, wait to compile, (update packages if needed), change content, commit, and push. I just wanted to change my content and push. Plus be confident that whatever markdown editor (albeit with GFM) would reflect how my page would look like.

  2. I added that html myself. I took inspiration from bootstrap's README to center the title header. Since markdown accepts a limited amount of html I can manipulate certain positioning without having to resort to css.

Using Gitlab Pipeline has been great to automating my personal site's development flow -- since I only have to worry about my content. Hopefully Github Actions will work in a similar fashion and can extend to Github Pages.