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re: I'm a bit of mixed that Deno doesn't have some kind of package manager, if you import module from master your code will break so soon... if you imp...

Hello Deli,
thank you for your comment. I understand your doubts. In my examples I import dependencies directly from master for simplicity, but there is a solution for the problem you described:

Step 1. Import a specific version instead of master (don't forget to add "v" before the version number):

import { v4 as uuid } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.22.0/uuid/mod.ts";

Step 2. Put this import and all external dependencies into a separate file and re-export them (change "import" from the code above to "export"):


export { v4 as uuid } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.22.0/uuid/mod.ts";

3. Import from imports.ts and not directly from the internet:

import { uuid } from "../imports.ts";


  • Easy management - all your external dependencies are listed in one file
  • You don't need to update many files when you update the version of your dependency
  • You can simply replace an external implementation, but still use the same module name (because of "as uuid")

I already know your method beforehand, but it would be great if there's cli tool to manage deps.ts to keep things standard.

I think a separate tool like npm won't be added because as the deno docs state: "Deno explicitly takes on the role of both runtime and package manager"

Another solution supported by Deno are file maps: [deno.land/std/manual.md#import-maps]


great answer, I think it should be added to the article

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