Installing Arch Linux, the scripted way.

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As a proud user of Arch and taking pride in saying, "I use Arch, btw", I often found myself recommending it to my friends and colleagues. However many found the setting up of Arch Linux time consuming and confusing. At times they resorted back to me to help them install Arch on their computers. I always enjoyed the command line however it becomes rather boring when you find yourself doing the same task again and again. Some time later I found myself installing my system time and time again as I kept switching workstations between my internships and jobs.

So I finally decided to script my configuration to automate the task. I proudly present to you my highly opinionated Arch Install Scripts: https://github.com/krushndayshmookh/krushn-arch

The usage is pretty simple. Just boot into the live Arch Linux ISO, clone the repository and run the install.sh inside it.

Arch does not come with git preinstalled so you will have to install it with sudo pacman -S git

Here are the complete instructions for those looking to install Arch Linux with KDE.

  1. Download the latest Arch Linux ISO from https://www.archlinux.org/download/

  2. Flash it to a USB drive using a tool of your choice. I recommend Etcher if you're on Linux and Rufus on Windows.

  3. Boot using the USB drive

  4. Run the following commands on the terminal:

sudo pacman -Sy

sudo pacman -S git

git clone https://github.com/krushndayshmookh/krushn-arch --depth=1

cd krushn-arch

# please edit the hostname and username in the post-install.sh 


That's it! The script should now setup your new Arch system for you. Just keep an eye for the prompts that pop up.

Hope you enjoy using Arch Linux!

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Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore. I'm stuck with this screen for about 2 hours now.


I'm sorry, could you elaborate the problem?