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Learning Resources: Supabase


Have you ever gone on a “Google search” session only to discover that the results are primarily third-party information that may or may not be accurate? I certainly did, therefore we at Krunch decided to create these series exposing some lesser-known official resources for different technologies.

"Do not confuse my Google skills with yours."

Now I get it, Google searching is a skill in itself, you might be able to find the information that you want easily, however, I would still be happy to shed some exposure on the official content with short from blogs, leave a comment and let's have a discussion.

Supabase - The Open Source Firebase Alternative

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Supabase, a relatively new name in the tech world, was founded in 2020. Supabase provides an open source Firebase alternative, aiming to give developers the ease and flexibility to build serverless applications without having to manage the infrastructure. It offers a suite of features including database, authentication, storage, and serverless functions that integrate easily with your app. A major plus point is its PostgreSQL database, which ensures high performance and advanced functionalities. Essentially it makes development of the full stack applications easier by managing infrastructure, similar to Firebase offering from Google.

Supabase Official Blog

Supabase provides a comprehensive official documentation, detailing how you can utilize their services according to your specific developer environment. This documentation includes an overview of the system's design and various integration patterns, while also offering guides on how to develop with their SDK in multiple programming languages. Additionally, Supabase maintains an active blog where they discuss updates, feature launches, and tutorial guides. For instance, check out this guide on creating mfa authentication with flutter.

Supabase Youtube Channel

Supabase also has a Youtube channel where they share updates, tutorials, and event videos. The following introductory video, for instance, explains how Supabase could be used to implement authentication and authorization in Nextjs application:

And following video showcases the deployment of Supabase edge functions through Github Actions:

Supabase Community

Supabase has also a very active community on Github and contributions to the open source. Additionally, Supabase has subreddit and discord to interact with the community even further.


Supabase Documentation -
Supabase Blog -
Supabase Youtube Channel -

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