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Discussion on: How did you kickstart your career?

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I was lucky with regards to my entrance into the field, so I won't give you my story as a piece of advice (because "get lucky" isn't really advice, it's a snarky comment). Instead I'll present you with boring stuff.

  • If you have personal projects that you work on, ensure that they are presentable - i.e. that they have a proper description / documentation /
  • Ensure your CV is current, simple yet visually appealing (I personally like elipapa/markdown-cv) and includes your personal projects.
  • Ensure you have a couple of "pieces of text" at hand that you can use in cover / motivation letters
  • If you can, get your own domain for mail. My experience with hiring process shows that a personal domain stands out significantly from the masses of Outlook, GMail, ..

All those things help to make your lack of experience less noticeable. If you've done all that it's time for the most boring part: Apply. Then apply again. And then apply some more. And some more on top of that.

I know it's boring. But that's what will get you a job without relying on luck or happenstance. Good luck on your journey, I'm sure you'll fare well. If you need help with any of the above points, I'm sure the community here will be helpful!