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My first NuGet package! Kritner.SolarEstimate

I published my first NuGet package (! Kristen and I recently were considering (and have since financed) a 17,000 kw/year solar array, on the back of our house - In the process of deciding whether or not to go for it, I started on some spreadsheets, to try and figure out when it would seemingly be "less expensive to have the solar panels, than our normal energy bill".

With that spreadsheet I thought that it seemed like a good opportunity to try out a few new things I hadn't - additional docker work, a NuGet package, some basic angular, typescript, more unit testing. So over the past few weeks after dinner, I've been tinkering around with my website and produced solar-projection. It started out all contained within my github repo of, but I needed to figure out how to start playing around with NuGet, so now I have the core "solar projection" logic in its own package - its repo is located at

The site is not currently pretty, but it does (hopefully accurately) tell me the information I wanted to know - solar panels seem to work out great for us, as long as we can get 90-100% power generation from the panels (and they're guaranteed for 90% of the 17k).

I hope to be able to continue exploring angular, to make it a bit prettier with perhaps some charting, and datagridding, and perhaps turn it into a stupid little app I could maybe make a few cents off of? Currently the site only estimates ***my*** solar panel array, but it should be a quick change to allow some user inputs so others could use it too.

Oh! and if anyone's interested, the package could be used to run the numbers before I get the user inputs in (or you could do it for me? :D). The solar array was installed via Vivint Solar, if you're interested in getting a system, I get referral bonuses, get at me!

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