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Russ Hammett
Russ Hammett

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Growing up… or something

I changed my RSS feed to medium over my blogger, and these keep popping up... so REPOST (though i may have changed some content)

I would like to try to start blogging more, though I’m not sure what about. Getting closer to 30 years old and Kristen and I have finally had to buy our first washer and dryer — I feel like an adult :P This week, after 5 years with Peregrin, I have put in my 2 weeks notice while accepting an amazing offer as a Senior Web Developer at another company. The company sounds like a great opportunity to continue learning, as well as offering my own knowledge and experience to them. I feel that I needed to leave Peregirn in order to keep relevant, in order to start anew, and to keep growing. I will miss Peregrin and the employees, but it is simply time to move on.

Up next, I will be concentrating on the furthered development of my front end skills, as well as continue studying for my next certification. I might attempt to do blog posts about tutorials and/or things I would like to learn about next. Guess we shall see.

Originally published at on May 11, 2014.

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