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Best 7 Live Video Streaming Service for Educational in 2022

Nowadays educational streaming service is widely spreading. There are many benefits and opportunities in educational streaming service.

Comparison of Best 7 Live Video Streaming Service for Educational in 2022.

Webnexs live streaming solutions provide material that exceeds expectations and reaches a large audience. webnexs provides the streaming solution for the top most educational universities and schools.

It is cost effective and user friendly. It allows multiple stakeholders like teachers, students and admin staff.It operates with the very minimum of infrastructure and performs admirably on all other devices.

The streaming engine helps to broadcast in virtual classrooms, remote students and it is also expedient for wider audiences.

Accessible with all the devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Accessing at any time and anywhere will make the education simple with a stable internet connection.

Key features:
Faculty collaboration
Commencement ceremonies
Concepts and events
White label streaming
Scalable for any size of audiences
Large video on demand library

They also provide a diverse set of monetization options. The service is also completely white-labeled, and programmatic interactions are possible via an API.

With virtual classrooms, lecture capture, and secure webinar hosting, Flicknexs Video Cloud for Education supports video-on-demand and live experiences.

Key features:
Bulk video uploading
Mobile broadcasting

3.Vimeo Videostream:
You ought to upgrade to the Enterprise plans to get access to crucial features like monetization, security, white-labeling, and branding management.

It also has advanced features like password protection and is supported only on enterprise plans

Key features:
Excellent security features
Works with YouTube
Detailed video analytics

Compared to the other finest live streaming options, Panopto is a more specialized online video organisation.

The option to make live and event content private is one of the security features. Users can also incorporate their existing authentication methods.

Key features:
White label streaming
Access control
Video content

Zype is the hub of the video distribution system and this enables videos on live streaming as well as pre-uploading and it can be accessed through any other devices.

It also enables the professor to pre-upload the videos and screenshots for late use and it is also useful for separating the playlist of videos.

Key features:
Live streaming
Scheduled training

6.IBM Cloud video:
IBM Cloud video live streaming uses the technology to serve the community with years of experience.

The site has a lot of useful features and includes academic solutions in its live streaming and broadcasting capabilities.

Key features:
Suitable for larger business
Highly reliable
Great for broadcasters

Monetization features such as subscription, pay per view and video on demand are supported on all plans.The platform is ideal for institutions and schools with a large video on demand library.

Key features:
Mobile devices supported
Live stream recording
Password protected streaming

Final conclusion:

As you see above there are a bunch of educational streaming service. They provide you the best out of it but choosing the right one is more important and the key is in your hand.

I hope that this post has provided you with a good starting point for determining the finest educational streaming service.

If you're still unsure, we're here to assist you get a free live demo.

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I hope all these have necessary features for education video platform but for any educational platform to be successful depends on how live streaming classroom happens and how does the students benefit from it.

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very well explained and you can also list VPlyed's education video platform which has many more features and is giving the tough competition in this segment

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Great article and very helpful, thanks. It is very cool that more and more educational projects online have appeared recently. I found interesting online courses for my child at First I enrolled my son in mathematics, and then I think to enroll in classical music courses.

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HariBabu G

Been looking for such kinda content, thanks for posting it.

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Thanks for providing such a useful and interesting information!

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Abubakar Mohammed

I'm school teacher .. This will be helpful to my student ... Great work