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How to Start a Live Streaming App Like Periscope ?

Nowadays live streaming apps are massively spreading to engage more audiences.

Live streaming apps allow the users to broadcast video or audio in real time. And the users no need to capture the video and upload it on a platform.

Live streaming is rampant spreading throughout the internet. And the app connects celebrities to fans, entrepreneurs to customers and bloggers to relevant audiences.

Now let's see how to develop the MVP software application platform for live streaming applications.

Building a live streaming app?

Before we get into the easy stages, let's have a look at the first stage of the live streaming app. Before you hire an app development business, we propose that you start with the MVP (minimum viable product)

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, and it is a software programme that only has the functions necessary to test the viability of a product on the market and attract the attention of the target audience.

If the MVP fails to meet the goals, you can halt the entire process without investing any more money on the product, resulting in a complete waste of your funds.

The MVP has a several options:

Native MVP:
It is designed for a specific platform.
The code of the application is created by the programming language for this platform.

Hybrid MVP:
It is designed as an application and supported on various platforms.
It is built using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

After building the MVP platform successfully now lets see the most finest steps to develop the live streaming app like periscope

STEP 1 - Create a platform:

Developing a live streaming app for both android and iOS users. This allows the users to download the app from play store and apple store.

STEP 2 - Features:

  1. Accessibility: app should be accessible in all kinds of streaming devices like laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones.
  2. Flexibility: to handle both live streaming and video on demand.
  3. Good security to protect the app from hackers.
  4. Allow the users to upload the display picture, age, gender, bio, email and their personal details.
  5. Allow the user to follow a particular celebrity or an entrepreneur.
  6. Users can access anywhere and anytime with a good internet connection.
  7. Make sure that the streamers upload the high resolution videos and that helps the users to stay online for a long time.
  8. The app should have a user-friendly UI.
  9. Subscription functionality allows more audiences to engage.
  10. Live chat connects the audiences.
  11. Push notifications allow the users to get an instant message.
  12. Through email the users may know the trending videos on the internet.
  13. Always have search options that help the users to save their ample time.
  14. Screen sharing
  15. Allow the users to choose their own video quality from 360p to 4K.
  16. Users are able to download videos for offline viewing.

STEP 3 - Testing:

Users will not use the app if anything is not operating properly, which leads to failure while framing the app. As a result, your live streaming app should have a high level of quality assurance.

STEP 4 - Earning money:

Your ultimate goal is to make money through your subscribers and engage more subscribers. Execute the ideas with
Subscription per monthly or,
Subscription per annually or,
Free or premium segmentation

STEP 5 - Attracting users:

Without its users, no app can exist. It is crucial to obtain the attention of a large audience if you want your app to be successful. Attracting more users by offering a subscription and a free trial for 30 days.

We hope this blog is expedient for the process to build and develop the live streaming app. Are you still in a confusion, here our webnexs team will help you to find the simple way to create a live broadcasting app.

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