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Comparison of the 7 Best OTT Platforms for 2022

Half of the houses in the US have subscribed to multiple OTT platforms. This is mainly because many people in the US are not able to find their entire interest in one OTT platform. With OTT trends still on the rise, it will be a wise move for broadcasters to build their own OTT platform with the help of OTT platform providers in the market. In this blog, we will compare the 7 best OTT platforms For 2022.

An abbreviation of OTT is Over the top. It refers to the streaming of video content over the internet going above the cable box. An OTT platform provider is a company that builds OTT platforms for video creators to host on-demand and live stream video content to the audience over the internet.

OTT platform providers differ from OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. OTT provider is the one that builds you OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. OTT platform providers are the one that powers and allows streaming services to work.

The software that broadcasters use to host their online video content is an OTT platform. Most professional OTT platforms come with tools for storing, managing and delivering material to internet viewers.

Comparison of the 7 Best OTT Platforms

1. Webnexs:

Webnexs is a streaming platform that offers VOD, live streaming, and OTT features that exceed expectations and reach a large audience. It is cost-effective and user-friendly. It operates with minimal infrastructure and performs admirably on all other devices. Accessible with all the devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Accessing anytime and anywhere will be simple with a stable internet connection.


  • Video Encryption
  • Device Management
  • Monetization Control
  • Supports for all devices
  • Pricing on our budget
  • Relatable platform
  • Simple and easy-use platform


  • High frequency and prosperous business in video


2. Flicknexs:

Flicknexs is a video-on-demand, live-streaming, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that exceeds expectations and reaches a broad audience. It is both affordable and simple to use. It only requires a small amount of infrastructure to run and works flawlessly on all other platforms. All devices are compatible, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It will be easy to access at any time and location if you have a good internet connection.


  • Ad-free streaming and real-time analytics
  • There are numerous privacy and security technologies available.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • The live stream can be recorded.


  • Video has a high frequency and a diverse business.


3. Dacast:

Dacast is a unified streaming platform with VOD and live streaming capabilities. It comes with a slew of powerful over-the-top (OTT) features that are ideal for professional broadcasters. This password-protected platform makes it simple to safely transmit video material to audiences worldwide.


  • Ad-free streaming with real-time analytics
  • A large number of privacy and security tools are available.
  • Support for mobile devices


  • Poor capitation support
  • High price point


4. IBM Cloud Video:

Another competitor worth considering in our OTT platforms comparison is IBM Cloud Video. This platform is a component of IBM, which is a big technology leader. Both live and on-demand video can be hosted on IBM Cloud Video. One of IBM Cloud Video's earlier flaws was that it didn't have any revenue alternatives. They have, however, incorporated these facilities, making it a viable option for broadcasters looking to monetize their material.


  • Business-oriented software
  • Customer service


  • Extra charges apply for high-resolution streaming.
  • Accessibility tools are limited.

IBM Cloud Video

5. JW Player:

The most well-known feature of JW Player is its renowned video player. This video player's code was included in the first YouTube video player's code. They have, however, lately created a live streaming service. JW Player contains a comprehensive set of capabilities, including an HTML5 video player that supports cutting-edge technologies like the MPEG-DASH protocol, multi-bitrate streaming, Facebook Live simulcasting, DRM, and more.


  • A high-resolution video player
  • The user interface is simple.


  • Options for monetization are limited. (Supports just AVOD)
  • Limited technical assistance
  • There will be no delivery to China.

JW Player

6. Livestream:

Vimeo purchased livestream in late 2017 after many years as a streaming service. Both companies now provide streaming services under the Vimeo brand. Vimeo's offerings now include an OTT solution. Let's look at Vimeo's OTT offerings in greater detail.


  • Content distribution around the world
  • For on-brand streaming, customization is required.
  • Interaction and engagement-promoting tools


  • Some functions require assistance to use.


7. Kaltura:

Kaltura is an open-source software platform focusing on educational institutions and providing a unique streaming platform. It's ideal for holding massive amounts of content and distributing it through a fully customized video player. Kaltura is unusual in that it may be completely customized thanks to a wide range of connectors. As a foundation for these adaptations, Kaltura offers cloud-based hosting and streaming services.
Kaltura is highly configurable and expandable, thanks to its open-source foundation. Companies can create custom connectors and add-ons to fulfill their specific requirements.


  • It's fully configurable.
  • Integrations allow you a lot of flexibility in terms of functionality.


  • A platform that is difficult to use
  • Beginner broadcasters aren't made out for this.
  • Tech support that is slow to respond


Final part:

Selecting an OTT platform for your business requires a lot of thinking and energy. Here we compare the 7 best OTT platforms worldwide, so let us hope that the information in this post has aided you in making the best decision possible. When it comes to OTT platforms, choosing the right one is essential.

When making decisions, list out the important features required for your OTT platform that will help you reach your goal and compare the list of features provided by different OTT platforms. Other entities you should pay attention to are price, security ,and technical support. You need to choose an OTT platform that fits within your budget.

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