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Comparing the Top 10 OTT Platform Providers in 2022

It refers to streaming content over the internet. To give users access to content, it was originally referred to as "over the top" because of the devices that went "over the top" of the cable box.
It is a web-based service that hosts live and on-demand content broadcast over the internet.
Through OTT streaming, professional broadcasters can deliver digital video content to their audiences via video players that can be embedded on various sites and applications.
Contrary to popular belief, an OTT platform provider is not the same as a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. It is the OTT provider that makes these sites possible. Finding the correct OTT platforms can be complicated. We have listed the top eleven OTT platform providers to give you a basic understanding of what they offer.

How does OTT work?

As an alternative to cable and broadcasting platforms, OTT relies on the internet to deliver content directly to the end user's home or office.
Most likely, you've come across the term "OTT broadcasting" in conversations about subscription services like Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+.
In order to stream video over the internet, you'll need a lot of equipment and protocols.

The video's journey is as follows:

  1. The camera records RAW video files
  2. Files in RAW format are sent to the encoder that's connected.
  3. RAW video files are converted to digital video files by the encoder.
  4. To send digital video files, use RTMP.
  5. To send video to video players on viewers' devices, use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

VOD vs. Live Streaming

Video on demand (VOD) and live streaming are the two main types of OTT video content. Look at these two types of content for a moment.
"Live streaming" describes a video feed from an event in real-time. Popular live streaming events include sports broadcasts, church services, and the local news.

By 2027, the video streaming market is expected to be worth $184.2 billion, according to research. Get your foot in the door by investing in an advanced platform that offers the following features:

  1. Additional security measures
  2. Content management system (CMS)
  3. Video Monetization tools
  4. APIs for capturing and processing video
  5. Support for technical issues
  6. Pricing

Additional Security Measures
End of 2025, cybercrime costs could reach $10.5 trillion. OTT streaming services that depend on video revenue have no choice but to implement security features.
Access to a secure online streaming platform can help alleviate some of these problems.

Content management system (CMS)
It's not uncommon for OTT streaming services to amass thousands of videos within a short period. Therefore, the content must be organized.
This is why a powerful video CMS is included in the best video OTT platform providers (content management system). Using these systems, you should be able to tag, title, and manage large libraries with little effort.

Video Monetization Tools
From $106 billion in 2020, global OTT revenue is expected to reach $210 billion by 2026. All of the OTT platform providers industry is driven by video monetization. To make money from your videos, you need to have the proper tools.

APIs for capturing and processing video
For online video, the majority of businesses are moving to API-based workflows. You can automate and integrate critical functions if your OTT platform provides API access.

Support for technical issues
OTT businesses, to be successful, require professional video hosting solutions that are highly reliable and have a 24/7 technical support team available.
A quick fix is required when your business relies on fast and reliable video hosting. Two hours from now? But not within the next two days. Immediately

Live streaming pricing is essential to compare OTT platform providers accurately. Your budget must be considered when choosing a solution.

OTT Solution Providers in 2022: The 11 Most Effective

When it comes to finding the perfect OTT solution, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Comparing the Top 11 OTT Platform Providers in 2022

1. Webnexs:

Webnexs is a video content platform that also provides monetizing tools. Moreover, webnexs also provides live streaming, VOD, and OTT with video delivery.
Webnexs versatility allows you to improve the user's experience and is suitable for all devices. Also available are OTT options such as SVOD, TVOD, or AVOD.

Webnexs also offers a wide range of pricing plans according to the users' convenience. It also offers white label services and video encryption for the content delivery systems.


2. Flicknexs:

Flicknexs is one of the best OTT platform providers in this competitive OTT market. IT offers fully featured platforms that support both live streaming and on-demand hosting. Flicknexs enables broadcasters and content owners to develop OTT platforms that help reach the broader audience easily across different platforms.

The white label feature allows creators to personalize their customized OTT platform. With a video content management system, videos can be easily uploaded and distributed. It offers different monetization models to increase revenue flow.


3. JWplayer:

Beginning as an open-source audio and video file player for students in 2005, JW Player has evolved into a powerful multimedia player. As a result of this code, YouTube began using JW Player until Google purchased the platform.

HTML5 video player for VOD content is JW Player's most well-known feature. Other advanced features include MPEG-DASH playback, CSS skinning, and DRM protection. JW Live, a full-service live-streaming provider, is now available from the company.

JW Player

4. Vimeo:

It was announced in 2017 that Vimeo had acquired Livestream. Livestream was one of the world's largest live streaming companies when it was first founded in 2007 as "Mogulus." Even though Livestream's pricing plans are different, the two platforms' services have merged since the acquisition. About 10 million events a year are powered by the Vimeo platform, which has an integrated hardware/software/cloud service system.

Streaming and video hosting services are available on Vimeo, as well as video sharing services. Among the basic features are analytics, a video management platform with privacy controls, and a Premium subscription is required to access the basic live streaming functionality.


5. Brightcove:

One of the oldest online video platforms, Brightcove, was founded in 2004 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The company's main products are cloud encoding, live streaming, and VOD (video on demand) hosting. It was announced in 2019 that Brightcove had acquired cloud video technology company Ooyala (formerly known as Ooyala).

Brightcove's analytics and video marketing tools set it apart.


6. Uscreen:

Uscreen provides both live and on-demand streaming on its platform. In order to host and deliver professional video content, this platform is equipped with all of the tools required by organizations to do so.

Uscreen offers streaming solutions for business applications. Marketing, video training, and the creation of an OTT streaming service are some of the most popular use cases.


7. Zype:

Zype is a high-end live-streaming service powered by OTT technology that charges a premium. Online video delivery apps can be created with the help of Zype.
Zype offers a variety of solutions for different industries such as fitness and education as well as media & entertainment, enterprise, and faith organizations. For example, it is used to create OTT streaming services and business streaming, among other things.

Zype is a live streaming platform that allows users to manage, host, and deliver high-quality streams. Its solutions address many industries and use cases.


8. Dacast:

If you're looking for a competitive OTT provider, Dacast is a good option to consider. In addition, to live streaming and VOD hosting, our video platform offers a full-featured, self-service solution.
By purchasing vzaar last year, Dacast expanded the scope of its comprehensive streaming solution. As a result of the merger, Dacast is now a single platform.

Dacast offers a range of live streaming pricing plans with high-end features. Among them are ad-free broadcasting, white-label services, and high-quality content delivery services. There is also a 24-hour phone support line for Event and Scale plans.


9. Kaltura:

"TV-Grade" broadcasting tools are the hallmark of Kaltura, an OTT provider based in Israel.
On-demand (VOD) and live streaming solutions are available from this OTT provider. On account of its high price, this platform is best suited for large enterprises.

Kaltura's main purpose is to host VOD and live streams. This platform allows you to create the best user experience for your business or organization because it is highly customizable.


10. Muvi:

In addition to being one of the most popular providers of OTT solutions, Muvi is also known for its wide range of professional features. However, we do not recommend this platform for just starting out broadcasters.

Video content on-demand and live streaming are Muvi's primary functions. Only experienced broadcasters should attempt it.


11. Vidmind:

Vidmind is an easy-to-use OTT solution based in London that simplifies the streaming process. All levels of broadcasters can use it.
As well as hosting video content online, Vidmind can stream live television content, giving it an edge over its competitors.

It is designed for broadcasters who don't want to worry about the technical side of live streaming and video hosting.


Way Forward:

Making the right choice for your professional broadcasting needs when it comes to an OTT platform provider requires a lot of thought and consideration. As you can see, there are many options out there, and we hope this comparison has helped you understand them.
Before selecting an online video service, we recommend making an inventory of what functions are essential for reaching your goals and comparing this list with the features offered by your top choices.

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