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Kristian Dupont
Kristian Dupont

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Podcast interview

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

I was interviewed by Nick Janetakis for the Running In Production Podcast:

Submotion Helps You Manage Access Control for Your SAAS Subscriptions

We get into quite a few details about the architectural choices I’ve made for Submotion and how it all works together.

I’ve written before about the way I let the Postgres schema act as the source of truth by generating types with Kanel (assisted by Schemalint). In addition to this, I mention a homemade framework that sort of resembles a server-side Redux. This gives me typesafe database queries that are automatically reflected all the way to the frontend. I am frequently asked to make it open source and that is still the plan. I just need to untangle it from the Submotion source code which just never seems to be high enough priority. I promise I will get around to it :-)

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