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Kristian Dupont

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Name is the Leftmost Part of Semver

Sorry, this is a bit of a rant. My preferred routing library for React has been Raviger for a while but recently I needed to figure out how the most recent version of React Router works. It turns out that there are plenty of answers on StackOverflow and elsewhere that explain how to do things, many for outdated versions of the API.

I know that the React Router developers have taken flak for changing things throughout the years and I don’t mean to single them out. They have created great value for the community which I have capitalized on for free. I am grateful and they owe me absolutely nothing.

The small point I want to make, though, is this: if you are changing your API so much that it’s not just a “major breaking change”, but rather a complete redesign, consider changing the name of your library rather than just the version. For ecosystem related reasons as well as pedantic ones.

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